Other odd Notes

I was thinking of having a festival for the fire religion and that’s the eve of ash I do not know what it will commemorate but I think that’s a good idea.

Another point I need to get across is the good and evil part of religions as there is no detect evil as such I know I have detect opposition but I need to show there is ago of and bad side to the religions unless I class evil as chaos worship and that it’s a corruption of teaching of the main religion, I think that makes sense.

Something else I need to look at is the magic use in my world I really need to strip it right back and make magic more an event and that only some poeople can do rather than all these people that appear that can use magic, I also need to work on the magic system to an easier more pleasing way for players to keep track of magic use if there one of the few that can use magic, I like there being just one total to draw from maybe I won’t change that but it’s questions about recharging magic, and if that is the case should the totals be smaller. Item creation seems to be the issue with this as well, because in the world I only want maybe one spellcaster to make one really good item and that those items are the most precious.

On the same note as the last I need to clarify the masterwork system for items

I also need to make more types of serium and how that interacts with other items.

I decided there is no such thing as divine magic anymore it’s all mana, that what the gods use and that’s what everyone else uses its just how it’s used will be the decider.

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