Rune Magic

Runes are special symbols that denote a symbol of power of other facet of language that has a distinct association with mana, this unique language is all but lost to the mortal races but, it still exists in parts across Sera, and those who have unlocked there power are known as Rune Carvers.

Now in order for a rune to work, it must be crafted by a skilled carver DC’s and such will be listed later, if the rune is not carved correctly it will not function, or even function with the wrong effect that was unintended.
In addition in order for a rune to function it must be enlightened.
Enlightening a rune mean that it must be infused with mana, there are a few ways to do this of course, the easiest is to infuse the item yourself with mana so it becomes enlightened. This of course will mean 2 things, one that your existing mana total will go down, and two if you ever decided to deactivate or unenlighten your item you will get the mana back.

Another point for runes as well is that the more you overlap the more powerful the effect you will get, also the size of the rune can also dictate how powerful the rune is, the bigger it is the more powerful it is.

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Rune Magic

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