Serium in it’s purist form is crystallised mana that has come from a natural source of nature. The one thing that is different from other crystallised sources is that serum confers knowledge of particular magical effects. It is a way of casting magic without needing the training normally required for casting spells. Serium however a source of mana requires more mana in order to cast its spells therefore for every piece of serium there is the cost of each individual piece. It is said that the knowledge for serium comes from an arcanum that transferred himself to the magestream (Arcanus) that of course maybe true, but serium itself predates the arcanum so the knowledge is said to be the knowledge of nature itself or at least the magestreams way of manifesting itself on the material plane.

Although the purest form of serium is said to come from natural sources arcanums have found ways of creating serium to a degree, and these are the most common types of serium you can find. But some arcanums call their serium artificial serium as they think that it’s best found in its purest form rather than being created.

One common use for serium is to equip it to weapons and armour as it can have various benifitical effects which do not cost mana, but using the spells in them do, but it opens options for those wishing to search, fin for even buy if they have enough coin of course as usually it can be very expensive.

Here you will find a list of created serium that you can use in your game. You can of course make your own serium using the d20 spells but that will be talked about later as there are too many spells and effects to consider with serium.


Each picece of serium has 5 levels each getting stronger the higher level it goes.

Types of serium you can use.

Fire Serium Attack type
Air Serium Fight type
Earth Serium Defensive type
Water Serium Healing type

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