Kiyoko is the Over-God of order and is one of the twins from Hōritsu. She is a benevolent god and delights in everything that is good and beautiful. She also loves the idea that everything has a cycle to it, and she wants to make people like herself into overgods themselves so that they in turn can make there own worlds. She however tries to be careful who she gives this spark to as she wants to be with them to guide them in the ways of order and even though she knows they will fall to chaos so that they learn the other sides way of doing things ultimately the teachings of order will hold out and they come full circle back with her again and then soon to thier new life as an over god like her.

That’s really all she wants out of life to make her creations or children as she see it into overgods so they might scatter the cosmos and make her father proud.

She is the one that has created the six gods and with there help created the material world and all it’s planes and all the building blocks of the world.

She also is the one who appoints the Overseers once they have been found worthy.

Outside of her world she is equal in power and authority to Konton, but in her world she has created Kiyoko has power and authority over Konton, he ultimately is the invader in this world.

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