Tetsu is an overgod as well but he is a little more complicated as he is really an Avatar of Hōritsu but because Hōritsu didn’t want to become directly involved into Kiyoko and Konton’s struggles he created a younger version of himself with a unique personality of his own therefore making him unique. Tetsu has had the opportunity to lead a life of his own for awhile which is why he has the nickname The Lightning Monk. Tetsu’ s main job is to be the tool to stop Kiyoko and Konton from destroying one another this power that Tetsu has is known as The Ballence and is really a way of redrawing the battle lines as it were. Kiyoko and Konton are not fully aware of Tetsu and what or who he is, as he is yet to use the full power of the Ballence but if he ever does that power supersedes Kiyoko and Konton in there authority and power.

Tetsu is a very carefree person and loves helping people overcoming challenges, as he has his own free will he has decided to be on the side of good and enjoys all the benefits that gives him.

Tetsu loves creating things as well from simple carvings to magic items and many other things, he enjoys in learning how things work and is always very curious how people react to any kind of situation.

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