The Timeline

The Timeline in Fallen Wings is split up into four sections, each section lasts approximately 1000 years in time.

Crystal Moon – Years 0 – 999

Year 0 – 6 : The world is organised the gods and the cherubim are created, and the Material World is created.
Year 8 : The races of the world are created, and the celestial world settles on the material world so that all races might mingle together and have joy.
Year 20 : Konton and the Chaos Army emerges to take over the land a Great War begins in the holy lands.
Year 20.1 : Celestia is cut off from the material world to stop Konton’s army
Year 20.2 : Konton’s army is finally defeated and banished back to their own realm.
Year 100 : Noble Cherubim Houses are established
Year 200 : Kai Ravencroft is born
Year 250 : Kai Ravencroft is Chosen to be the guardian
Year 251 – 550 : Kai Ravencroft receives guardian training from the planes

Shinning Star – Years 1000 – 1999

Blazing Fire – Years 2000 -2999

Shifting Breeze – Years 3000 – 3999

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