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Hello there I am Kai Shadowcroft the DM for this Campaign.

Welcome to Fallen Wings the Campaign which stretches from the creation of the world all the way to the modern day. The World itself that you will be playing on is the planet Sera Which is like earth except a little bigger in scale. There are many wonders in the world and many treasures to be picked up, especially from the more dangerous parts of the world. there are monsters theres magic there are gods and there are many other things that i hope you will get into as you read the wiki.

I hope you get something out of the story and the rules that are presented in this wiki. There has been a lot of thought has certainly been put into it. I hope you will be patient though as i put stuff on to the wiki as i am not that good at doing it yet and there are so many details that need explaining that it seems overwhelming but as the years move on I hope this will be something you can get some fun out of, as really thats the point of the wiki.

Anyway enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message on obsidian portal and i will be sure to address it asap.

Seeya for now and Keep on Playing.

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